Dog - Dog Health & Supplements

Moonlight Dog Cafe offers primarily whole foods pet health supplements. Find supplements for aging/senior dogs, allergies, flea and tick prevention as well as immune system. Despite feeding your dog the best brand of pet food even if it is a quality raw dog food and sourced from a good, sustainable farm, we still need to provide some natural pet supplements to enhance our dogs’ health, digestion and immune system. Our natural pet supplements are sourced from the best holistic vets and companies.
At Moonlight Dog Cafe, we believe that whole-foods based natural pet supplements are integral in enhancing your dog’s health or aiding with certain issues such as kidney, liver disease and dog allergies (to be accurate dog dermatitis due to food sensitivities). A number of supplements are just as effective at helping your dog with kennel cough or urinary crystals without the side effects associated with medicines. Follow our blog for information on how to use natural supplements to help pets improve from certain pet health conditions.